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Quito - travel and tours - City Tour - Mitad del Mundo - the volcanoes avenue - Discovering Ecuador - Jachigua - National Park - Ecuado

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Quito - city night

Quito by night.-


The tour starts from the hotels and to the Mirador de Guapulo where one can witness a night view above the Cumbaya valley. Then the tour is directed toward Quito’s historical district with its illuminated churches, and public buildings full of splendor. Houses with hanging balconies are full of legends and traditional customs.


We will also visit the Mirador de Panecillo for a final stop under the feet of the Virgen of Quito. Then dinner at a typical Quiteno restaurant.

City Tour.-


Quito lies at the foot of the extinct Volcano Pichincha; the city was discovered by the Spaniards and today retains numerous artful constructions with a singular baroque beauty including churches, cathedrals, convents, and plazas of the colonial era. We will go inside the cathedral's virtual museums, to observe sculpture and paintings that span the ages from the 17th and 18th centuries.


The tour also includes the modern residential area. The tour ends at “The Panesillo Hill” that offers great sightseeing of the whole city.

Quito - El Panecillo

Ecuador - Mitad del Mundo

City Tour & Equatorial line.-


City tour and then at the "middle of the world", we visit a small Spanish style town. Here the Equatorial Line is clearly delineated allowing the tourist to be in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres simultaneously. There is also an Ethnographic Museum with all the country’s cultures.

Ecuadorian folkoric Ballet Jacchigua.-


This is the country’s most important artistic show called Jacchigua which represents dances from traditional Andean culture. Jacchigua comes from the local indigenous language: Quichua and represents an authentic image of tradition and culture of everyday life to special events.


The professional choreography coupled with magnificently colored customs makes this a real experience. 

Ecuador - Jachigua

Ecuador - Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi National Park.-


Take the Panamerican Highway to the  south and admire the Avenue of the Volcanoes well known due to the 11 snowy peaks lying along the route, where is the impressive and still active Cotopaxi Volcano 5,897m (19,347 ft). We arrive in the Cotopaxi National Park home of a large pine and eucalyptus forest, where deers, rabbits and llamas can be observed .We ascend to the first refuge of Cotopaxi at 4,800m(15,748 feet).  A delight to nature lovers.


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