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Indian and Culture ...

Visit the most important and colorful Indian Markets of the Ecuadorian highlands. There is a unique and different one each day of the week.


All markets are always a lively colorful scene, and the Indian communities come from the surrounding mountain villages to display their goods and exhibit their agricultural products.


Here are an overwhelming variety of handicrafts like: wool textile mills, native Indian clothes, good carvings, fruits and even animals are exhibited. Most of the Indians still wear their distinctive traditional dress, and they have not lost their tribal identity.


It is common to see bartering as a trade way, as well as the colors of the scenery.




This is the most important indigenous community that has managed to maintain their own economic and social structure.


Conformed by the following communities: Agato, La Bolsa, Peguche, Quinchuquí and Cotama. Otavalo’s main characteristic is its initiative with an ambitious purpose of trade and business.


They are known as “Indio Otavaleño”. But sociologists have given them the adjective of "Aboriginal Aristocrat of America”.



This ethnic group of Indians is the largest in the province of Cotopaxi. Their vestment consists of white canvas shirts and trousers, long and narrow black ponchos and a white wool hats decorated with a red or green ribbon.


This ethnic group is considered one of the most interesting due to their desire of keeping their own traditions and customs and living in isolation from the Occidentals. Their main activities is the cultivation of a fiber call cabuya ,which is use to wave ropes and sweaters that are sold in their traditional market of Ambato



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